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Iqra Online institute is an online Islamic resource centre which provides online Quran Learning, reading and recitation services that will help you and your kids to learn & recite the holy Quran with Tajweed through the knowledge and wisdom of our professionally trained Quran tutors. We teach Quran online by 1 to 1 classes which allows you to communicate with your live, online tutor through handwriting, typing and audio/video conversation. Our online tutoring brings you the convenience of scheduling as well affordability. No matter where you live in this world you can have a Quran tutor at the comfort of your home. Since its launch in 2008, Iqra Online institute  has been progressing leaps and bounds and continues to provide Quran learning, reading and recitation service to many of people across the globe.
Successful experience in teaching Qur'an online, makes us righteous in saying that we have always provided our students with integrity, credibility and excellence, Alhamdulillah!. Once you decide to take any of the courses offered, the reliability of this platform can be completely trusted.

Courses Offered

Quran Reading

Quran Memorization

Quran Translation

Tarseel Course

Arabic Course

Quran Reading

Reading Quran with Tajweed is the course which guides you to through the path of recognizing alphabets, making connect letters leading the way to recitation of Holy Quran in a proper manner. On the completion of this course you will amazingly find yourself reading Quran with proper tajweed and accent. This course also provides you with the basic Islamic education of Duas, Prayers, six Kalimas etc.

Course Material:

  • The holy Quran 

  • Tajweed Book

Quran Memorization

Memorizing the Holy Quran course is designed for those who not only want to read  Holy Quran but also want to be the lucky ones who has this Holy book saved in their memory. It means once comoleting this course you will be a Hafiz In sha Allah and would have learned the Holy Quran by heart. While it is in the hands of Allah who he chooses as the safe keeper of His Holy book, we are here to provide you the guidance and help you need to achieve this sacred honor.

The students registering for this course will be assigned a Hafiz e Quran teacher who will guide you step by step giving specific lessons everyday as home work as it is done in Madrasas or Islamic Centers.


Quran Translation

This course is designed for those who already know how to read Quran but yearn to learn the meanings hidden in the unknown language. The most inspiring and fascinating aspect in this course is learning in a manner you follow each word and its meaning leading to the collective translation of each verse. It doesn’t matter what your native language is, once you register for this course and start learning you will gradually be delighted to find yourself actually understanding what you have read all your life but had no idea how to interpret it without the help of a translation guide.


Tarteel Course

Tarteel is the term used to define the rules that explain how to recite the Qur’an in the way and manner that the angel Jibreel (AS) used in “Wahi” to our beloved prophet (peace be upon him). Tajweed meaning “improving” or “making something better” indicates that it is a means of beautifying the recitation of Quran

This course will fulfill the expectations of those who know Tajweed and would like to master the skills of excellent Quran recitation. It will also benefit those who desire to spread the knowledge of Quran by teaching others, as one needs to perfect oneself before offering a helping hand to others


Arabic Course

Will be available soon.




Who can Benefit ?

  • What do you think when you see a Qari reciting the Holy Quran in beautiful melodious voice?  How does he do that? Will I ever be able to recite this Holy book in such a beautiful manner?

  • Do you think when you are reading the Holy Quran, it's correct?, with proper Tajweed rules?, if not, then be assure that reading the Holy Quran with incorrect pronunciation will change meanings, hence you may be producing Sins instead of Rewards.





  • Well! Solution of all of your problems regarding Quran learning is HERE, with the grace of Almighty Allah Subhana Watallah and a little help from our side. 

So, what are you waiting for?


Register with any of our special range of Quranic courses as per your interest and enter the world of simplified Quran learning platform.



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  An Easy Way !

Iqra Online Institute provides very easy and authenticated online methods so that anyone of any age group and educational background can join us and avail the opportunity easily. The only requirement is the availability of a computer with internet connection and headphones. 

Moreover, the best feature is that you can choose the time of your choice and availability. Whether it is the time you get free in office or the time you are at home with your child sleeping, we’ll be happy to teach you whenever, where ever you want.


It's usefull for both kids and adults.Me and my kids are taking classes since 2007 .It's very good experience
Jameel   Ireland

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